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Conference Agenda

7:30 - 3:00pm

Registration Open


8:30 -9:30am

Welcome / General Session

Re!magine NeSIS

Dr. Jeffrey Gold, UNOP, Executive Vice President and Provost
Bret Blackman, UNOP, Vice President for IT and CIO


Join us for a conversation between the University of Nebraska Executive Vice President and Provost/UNMC Chancellor Dr. Gold and University of Nebraska Vice President for Information and Technology and Chief Information Officer Bret Blackman.

9:30 - 9:45am

Break w/ Refreshments

Ball Room Atrium

9:45 - 10:45am

Breakout Session 1

Collaborating with Microsoft Tools in Preparing and Delivering UNL Student Course Evaluations

Ben Lass, UNOP, ITS Academic Technologies

North Bank

It’s very likely you’ve heard of or used Microsoft Teams in the past few years, but did you know that Microsoft also has a project management tool called Planner? And that Teams, Planner, and other Microsoft tools can be used together for effective collaboration and management of small or large-scale projects? Join Ben Lass from NU ITS Academic Technologies in demonstrating how he and his student worker team collaborate with 75+ staff and faculty across campus in the preparation and deployment of student course evaluations each semester. Scope, procedures, processes, tips, tricks, hacks—it's all packed into this 45-minute to 1 hour presentation designed to get you thinking: "How can I successfully, effectively manage my next project?"


Learning Objectives: Attending this presentation will assist you in:
  • Becoming familiar with basic features of Microsoft Teams, Planner and other MS tools
  • Learning how these tools can be used together for effective small or large-scale project management
  • Generating ideas on how you can use these tools to manage your own project

UNL Graduation Tracking Dashboard

Steve Booton, UNL, Registrar

South Bank

The University of Nebraska - Lincoln set a goal to streamline and add transparency to the graduation clearance process. Leveraging the PeopleSoft-delivered graduation tracking module, UNL built a dashboard within MyRED which enables high-level views of the degree-clearance process while providing the ability to work and communicate with individual degree applicants. The graduation tracking dashboard allows the campus community to view students' path toward meeting all degree requirements in that critical last semester. The dashboard was built entirely using tools developed by NeSIS or delivered with PeopleSoft. The University of Nebraska - Lincoln grouped the graduation tracking design into 5 phases:  End-user interface, Communications, Reporting, Advising, and Student Accessibility. Come see how the Graduation Tracking Dashboard is working to meet our goals and the future direction!

New to NeSIS?

Lori Brown, NeSIS, Training & Documentation Functional Coordinator


Are you new to NeSIS or just wondering what's up with all of those acronyms? This session will talk about all things NeSIS, including who's who, system maintenance, the change process, and an overview of the NeSIS SharePoint site and contents.

Automating the Change Management Process

Meghna Jain, NeSIS, PeopleSoft Programmer/Analyst
Paul Swenson, NeSIS, Application Development Lead


The processes, tools, and infrastructure we have for the Student Information System are all PeopleSoft-centric. Creating software outside of PeopleSoft required learning new programming languages, tools, and frameworks so that we could develop a modern change management process focusing on automation, security, and development best practices.

10:45 - 11:00am


11:00 - 12:00

Breakout Session 2

ISIR Suspense Management

Kay Dinkelman, UNL, Associate Director, Financial Aid

North Bank

UNL Financial Aid did a deep dive into ISIR Suspense Management. This session will describe the results of their deep dive, examples of queries, and things you can do to improve your ISIR Suspense Management area.

UNL Security Request

Melissa Clanton, UNL, Associate Registrar

South Bank

UNL recently implemented an Eform and workflow to allow campus users to request new or additional Student Information System access. This session will provide a high-level overview of the process as well as a brief demo of the eform and workflow.

SF Term Setup Round Table

Suzan Manthey, NeSIS, Student Financials Functional Coordinator


This session is an open discussion for Student Financial users. We will begin the session with an overview of documented best practices. All campuses can then share their campus procedure, tips and techniques.

Campus Community Birds of a Feather

Facilitator: Tamara Cardin, NeSIS, Campus Community Functional Coordinator


This is a round table discussion of all things related to Campus Community.

12:00 - 1:00pm


Ball Room

1:15 - 2:45pm

Deep Dive 1

Dashboard and Eforms in Dashboard Fun

Andrew Frye, UNL, Portal Admin
Michael Link, UNO, Portal Admin

North Bank

This 90 minute session will show users cool techniques UNL and UNO have used with their dashboards. This session will have examples of using Eforms, query section tool and many other fun ideas you can take back to your campus.

1:15 - 1:40pm

Mini Session 1

Duplicates are Everyone's Problem

Jean Padrnos, NeSIS, Student Records Functional Coordinator
Tamara Cardin, NeSIS, Campus Community Functional Coordinator

South Bank

High level overview of how duplicate IDs are created and the impacts of duplicates on the system. Also, tips and best practices to avoid creating duplicates and the high level process for reviewing and resolving duplicates.

1:50 - 2:45pm

Breakout Session 3

Duplicate Processing Hands-on

Jean Padrnos, NeSIS, Student Records Functional Coordinator
Tamara Cardin, NeSIS, Campus Community Functional Coordinator

South Bank

Attendees will work through real-life examples to better understand the communication and process that needs to be followed when resolving duplicate conflicts.

Eform Queries

Susan Lee, NeSIS, Enterprise Tools Functional Coordinator


Building queries for use in eforms and reporting on the eform data collected is a bit unique. Learn why and strategies for building them.  

Dive into Item Types and Tree Manager

Suzan Manthey, NeSIS, Student Financials Functional Coordinator


Everything you do in Student Financials involves Item Types. Your Item Type Tree was set up during the PeopleSoft implementation. During this session, we will take a dive into Item Type Set Up and Tree Manager to understand the impacts of configuration.

2:45 - 3:00pm

Break w/ Refreshments

Ball Room Atrium

3:00 - 3:30pm

Mini Session 2

Testing from a Campus Functional Perspective

Kim Seitler, UNK, Asst Registrar

North Bank

Testing for quarterly maintenance cycles can be tricky if you don't know what to test. We will go over the resources that are available that help you outline what needs to be tested and go over how you can organize that into a plan for testing. Come join this session for some tips and tricks for quarterly testing.

Query Expressions

Shareen Thewke, NeSIS, Financial Aid Functional Coordinator

South Bank

This 30 minute session will walk through different Query Expressions and will provide be examples of syntax and when to use them.

Troubleshooting 101



What do you do when you encounter an issue in PeopleSoft you have not encountered before? What steps do you take to troubleshoot? The AMP Team will show you the methods and websites they use when troubleshooting issues.

Preview New Next Gen Eform/Workflow Interface

Susan Lee, NeSIS, Enterprise Tools Functional Coordinator
Paul Swenson, NeSIS, Application Development Lead


Come get the first look at the new interface for building Eforms and Workflow utilizing the next-generation toolset.

3:40 - 4:40pm

Breakout Session 4

Planning for a Change Request

Jean Padrnos, NeSIS, Student Records Functional Coordinator

North Bank

Have you wondered how to get a Change Request (CR) with NeSIS started? Have you thought beyond filling out the CR form to look at the resources, time, talent and what the finished product will look like? If you have, then this session is for you! You will walk through the process from beginning to end and be challenged to think outside the box to look at a CR from a different angle.

Enterprise Tools Makes Everyone a Developer!

Daniel Brown, NeSIS, PeopleSoft Programmer/Analyst
Meghna Jain, NeSIS, PeopleSoft Programmer/Analyst

South Bank

Everyone is a developer! This is a metaphorically true assertion today. Tomorrow it will be true literally. The configuration we do creating things like Dashboards & eForms results in predictable behaviors facilitated by reading setup data at run-time. This is a powerful technique but comes with tradeoffs in complexity and overhead. The next generation of tools uses setup to write code resulting in simpler more efficient and secure run-time environments.

Financial Aid/Student Financials A-Z

Suzan Manthey, NeSIS, Student Financials Functional Coordinator
Shareen Thewke, NeSIS, Financial Aid Functional Coordinator


In this session we will discuss topics related to the interactions between Financial Aid and Student Financials. Topics include Financial Aid Item Types, Disbursements, Payment Allocation, Financial Aid Reversals, Direct Deposit and Refunding.

TrueYou & Grouper Stop and Share

NU ITS Identity and Access Management Team Members


This is your chance to chat one on one with a representative from the NU ITS IAM team to talk all things TrueYou and/or Grouper.

5:00 - 7:00

Social Hour

Food & Fun


Come enjoy food, drinks and fun at the Tuesday night Social Event sponsored by Datavizion. Light snacks and drinks will be provided, along with a chance to win a prize playing Rock 'n Roll bingo and Trivia.


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